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In Ableton Live 10 with ClyphXPro I programmed a loop of playing back audio through an effect, recording it, copying the clip and playing it again through the effect.... This creates a more or less complete and more or less organic deconstruction of the natural sound...

Example 01: Reverberation and Distortion of an E-Piano

Example 02: Compression of a Saxophone

Project Idea: TheNews of EchoChambers

It's an installation of 5 speakers in a room... Every hour a new signal will be fed into the 5 ResamplingLoops... The source material is news on 5 different radiostations... the loops will have different lengths... the loops will deconstruct the news in different ways and create a sonic landscape of five different echo chambers...

we are different echo chambers in one person

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  • jonasurbat

I mean, you could... it would be fantastic if someone... I want to know what happens if...

At some point I started writing everything down. Like everything everything... That's a great way to keep a clear head. To work well it requires to sort all these ideas, inspirations and tasks. It helps you think more freely and to be creative because you have less subconscious ballast.

And that's why there's a list on my computer called "Someday/Maybe".

It now has over 250 entries...

And since reduction makes you happy and giving away makes you happy, I start with both...

If there is an idea for you, take it, put it into your context, transform it, use it as an opportunity to develop new ideas...

And I would be happy if you let me know to see what happened ;-)

#01 Organic Visual Arts: You can drip ink in water and film that and it looks great.

What would happen if you projected on clear water in a dark room and added a drop of milk?

#02 Perform "I Am Sitting In A Room" live in the forest

In this concept composition, a spoken sentence is recorded and replayed and directly recorded and replayed and re-recorded and...

Through this the resonances of the space are amplified more and more

I would be interested to hear how different natural spaces sound when you explore them like this. Forests with their beautiful echo and a wonderful mixture of vastness and cosiness are especially suitable. What does a monoculture sound like? What does a jungle sound like?

#03 Putting A Megaphone-Driver to a Tuba

For this track I built a feedback loop into the tuba. A very small loudspeaker can bring sounds into the mouthpipe, I attached a microphone to the bell.

The whole thing runs into a feedback loop: the sound I put into the instrument is played back directly and amplifies its resonances.

I can manipulate the frequency of the resonance with my hands above the bell. This is how the melody is created at the beginning of the track...

The signal is very quiet and limited by the small diameter of the mouthpipe... So for this piece decided to sample the sound an play it back in different speeds and colours.

I wonder what you could do with a pressure chamber loudspeaker that can also produce low frequencies loudly.

Have fun and feel free to tell me if you like the ideas :)

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  • jonasurbat

How do you actually become creative? I think an important basis is that you are never sure. But you can only bear this uncertainty if you accept imperfection as the basic state of creation and existence.

I succeed best (certainly never completely) when I listen to honest and wise people. And that is why today I share with you some inspirations on this level:

68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice by Kevin Kelly (68 unaufgeforderte Ratschläge)

It’s my birthday. I’m 68. I feel like pulling up a rocking chair and dispensing advice to the young ‘uns. Here are 68 pithy bits of unsolicited advice which I offer as my birthday present to all of you.

If you like it short I highly recommend James Clear' Newsletter 3 ideas, 2 quotes, 1 question

"Creative ideas happen when you stop thinking about what others will think."

Aaand, last but not least: Many Internettreasures I have found here [DE]: High Five! von Matze Hielscher

for example:

Joe Sebia ist Leiter der kreativen Entwicklung bei Condé Nast. Er hat ein extrem gutes Händchen für unglaublich originelle Videokonzepte. Für sein Team hat er eine Liste mit136Videos zusammengestellt. Videos, die "meine Kreativität formten, mich amüsierten, mich beeindruckten oder bei mir blieben." Dieses Doc ist eine Goldmine.

Have a great time and stay free :-)

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