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In Ableton Live 10 with ClyphXPro I programmed a loop of playing back audio through an effect, recording it, copying the clip and playing it again through the effect.... This creates a more or less complete and more or less organic deconstruction of the natural sound...

Example 01: Reverberation and Distortion of an E-Piano

Example 02: Compression of a Saxophone

Project Idea: TheNews of EchoChambers

It's an installation of 5 speakers in a room... Every hour a new signal will be fed into the 5 ResamplingLoops... The source material is news on 5 different radiostations... the loops will have different lengths... the loops will deconstruct the news in different ways and create a sonic landscape of five different echo chambers...

we are different echo chambers in one person

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  • jonasurbat

some months or even years ago I came across the Polyend Perc Pro Drum Beaters: These are clappers that you connect to your computer via MIDI or USB and then you can tell them in the software when to strike and how hard in the real world. It's the perfect combination of drum computers and the unlimited sound possibilities of the physical sphere. What particularly appeals to me is the connection of what we understand as nature, with the perc drummers and surround audio...


(same videos on YouTube)

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