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I just got an external touchdisplay connected to my computer and the first thing I had to try was sketching some spectral filtering actually with my fingertips. How crazy is this!? All in all it became a nice little abstract sounddesign jam :)

Iris2 seems to be pretty cheap right now: (no guarantee for izotopes contents and prices)

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A few days ago I came across an app that allows you to experience Erv Wilson's partially microtonal scale theories directly and without prior knowledge. I love to explore abstract connections in a playful way. I think it's capable of learning about the math and beauty of alternative tunings without any effort... Enjoy :-)

The App:

The Erv Wilson-Archive:

A Review:

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  • jonasurbat

some months or even years ago I came across the Polyend Perc Pro Drum Beaters: These are clappers that you connect to your computer via MIDI or USB and then you can tell them in the software when to strike and how hard in the real world. It's the perfect combination of drum computers and the unlimited sound possibilities of the physical sphere. What particularly appeals to me is the connection of what we understand as nature, with the perc drummers and surround audio...

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